The world teeters on the edge of a knife:

In the Eastern Territories, tempers are flaring between the Wolfen Empire, and their constant raids. The Wolfen Empire is being angered by the new wave of settlements that have just been established near the northern edge of the lands the two territories are disputing.

In the Western Empire, the nobles are becoming restless, and there is talk among many of forming an alliance to take the throne from the Emperor. There are rumors that the Emperor is planning on focusing the noble’s attention on the outside world in yet another Western Empire bid for world domination. Certainly the Empire’s armies are larger than any time in the last two hundred years, and the legendary Black Demon ships have been slowly increasing in number.

Bizantium and Timiro have begun forming the other nations against the Western Empire. These proud nations have lived for too long as their own sovereign nations to even consider being absorbed into the Empire of Sin. On land, they could not hold their own, but they are loath to surrender the seas to the Empire’s Demon ships.

And it is rumored that everything old might be made new, with a new monster race nation slowly taking root in the Old Kingdom ruled by the giants of Mount Nimro. The Elven cities of the Old Kingdom report more and more attacks by progressively better equipped and better organized bands, war parties, and even an army or two.

Even the gods are not immune to the drums of war. The death goddess Hela, cast out from the Northern Pantheon, has allegedly begun to form a new pantheon. According to some sources, Kirgi, Wolvenar, and several other gods are considering joining this new pantheon. The more traditional, human, pantheons have not responded well to this, especially the Northern Pantheon.

And everywhere, on Palladium and beyond, the old horn of the Dragonwright has been sounding.

War is coming. Which side will you be on?

Will you enlist in a national army, or will you strike out as best you can on your own? Or will you join a band of Sellswords, and travel wherever the fortunes of war take you?

Choose Well.

The future (or lack thereof) of Palladium rests on your shoulders.

Embers of War